Bronze Code: 56
Height: 10.4 In
Width: 2.8 In
Weight: 1.8 LBs


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Pierre Collinet, a renowned French sculptor, dominated the early 20th-century art scene with his prolific creativity, with the most productive period being between 1920 and 1930. Notably known for his sculptures of emancipated, stylish ladies, and popular variety dancers, Collinet's artistic style is distinctive due to its theatrical flair. His pieces evoke strong emotions and establish a deep connection between the beholder and the subject of the art.

Serving as an apprentice to the legendary “art Deco” maestro Dmitry Chiparus, Collinet honed his skills and developed a unique style. It was Chiparus who entrusted him with the continuation of his famed series of small statuettes 'on chairs', which spectacularly captured the beautiful women of the era. Striking a perfect balance between the sophisticated aesthetic of Art Deco and the realistic representation of his subjects, Collinet brilliantly delineated the fragile sensuality and elegance of women. His statuettes, meticulously crafted and characterized by exquisite detail and form, proudly carry the legacy of his mentor, while adding his distinctive signature.

Each Collinet sculpture is a treasure-trove of hidden narratives, inviting you to delve into the captivating world of early 20th-century France. His depictions of liberatingly modern women, echoing the contemporary sociopolitical shifts occurring in that era, subtly unveil the nuances of femininity, making them much sought after highlights in any sculpture enthusiasts' collections.

It is worthwhile to mention that Pierre Collinet is not to be confused with Claire Jeanne Roberte Colinet, although they both were remarkable French sculptors working in a similar time frame. Despite this common confusion, each left an indelible mark in the world of sculpture, contributing significantly to the Art Deco movement. In conclusion, Pierre Collinet's sculptures prominently stand as testaments to a golden era in French history, encapsulating the zeitgeist of the time in stunning, captivating forms.