Bronze Code: 46
Height: 9.4 In
Width: 3.9 In
Weight: 4.1 LBs


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The illustrious artwork by J.D'Aste beautifully captures the essence of childhood. Emanating from the era when many artists focused on interpreting the life of children through various mediums, D'Aste masterfully depicts a young girl selling flowers. By observing the minute detailing of every nook and corner of the artwork, we can infer the hard work and detailing he put into his creations.

The particular plot borrowed from daily life during those times is evident from the subject of the artwork. The mere existence of the theme captures the living conditions during those times, when children were meant to work part-time to aid their families' income. This gives the artwork a deep emotional connect.

The striking detailing in the artwork, especially the flowers, not just exhibits D'Aste's careful touch but also brings to light his artistic prowess. Each petal has been conscientiously prescribed and created, resulting in a stunning interpretation of beauty. One can't simply ignore the coloring that adds a bright, decorative effect to the piece which makes it even more captivating.

Joseph d'Aste, the renowned Italian sculptor who crafted this work, holds a prominent position in 20th-century art history. The sculptor, who was born in Naples but was tastefully educated in Paris, made significant contributions to the Art Deco style. Well known for his small statuettes, he was a frequent participant in the Parisian Salons during his creative peak, reflecting his elegant artistic style.