Bronze Code: 194
Height: 14.6 In
Width: 13 In
Weight: 7.2 LBs


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Unveil the true essence of artistic magnificence with this beautifully crafted figure skater sculpture by the renowned European artist, Sesago. Standing at an impressive height of 37cm, this intricately designed piece of art poses as an ideal addition to embellish your interior or to gift a loved one. Sesago's work is an impeccable epitome of sublime craftsmanship, smartly capturing the dynamics of the performance as well as the piercing emotions reflected in each expression.

Drenched in vibrancy and an engaging appeal, the figure skater is sculpted in realistic poses, drawing the onlookers towards the fascinating details of the artistic anatomy. The detailed representation of the athlete's body, the clothing, and the overall demeanor are a testament to Sesago's quintessential style of artistry. Every single centimeter of the work carries its own story, accentuating the visual charm exponentially.

The intensity of colors intertwined intricately with the sculpture adds a bright and decorative effect to the piece. The usage of different hues and shades transforms this masterpiece into a captivating spectacle of dynamism and theatrics.

Immerse yourself in the world of creative exuberance and feel the raw energy, the passion, and the dedication that the artist encapsulates within the sculpture. This high-quality piece not only proves to be a delightful piece of adornment for your home or office but also a thoughtful and meaningful gift for the art connoisseur in your life.

Experience the magic of Sesago's art, embrace the beauty, and let the figure skater sculpture reflect your taste for sophistication, refinement, and absolute perfection.