Bronze Code: 224
Height: 9.8 In
Width: 11 In
Weight: 21.4 LBs


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Capture the essence of enduring romance with the splendid artwork of the revered artist, Claudion, embodied in a magnificent marble sculpture. This handcrafted masterpiece, meticulously sculpted from pristine white marble, exudes timeless beauty and a unique appeal that makes it an enviable addition to any collection.

The unfading attraction between man and woman serves as the perennial theme for this exquisite piece. The gentle gestures and whispered words of love are delicately conveyed through the remarkable talent of the sculptor. This ethereal marble sculpture measures approximately 10kg in weight; an impressive size that underscores its solidity and monumental allure while maintaining a classical elegance. The heavy marble gives the piece an inherent grandeur, transforming it beyond a mere piece of décor to a valuable piece of art.

Claude Michel, popularly known as Claudion (1738-1814), was a celebrated French sculptor who inherited his artistic passion from his father, a court sculptor for the Prussian king, before refining his skills under the guidance of his uncle. His artistic journey subsequently led him to Rome, where he spent nine fervent years absorbing the splendors of ancient art. The vivacious charm and grace of his creations quickly gained him recognition in the vibrant Roman art scene, resulting in numerous commissions from art enthusiasts worldwide, including Empress Catherine II.

This exceptional sculpture, meticulously crafted from premium white marble by the esteemed artist Claudion, is the perfect testament to the miraculous manifestation of human emotion in form and gesture. Infused with the eternal theme of love and companionship, it serves as a beautiful epitome of romance and artistic excellence. Add this resplendent marble piece to your collection and let it become the center of attraction.