Bronze Code: 90
Height: 18.5 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 12.1 LBs


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Savor the exquisite artistry of Sesago with our remarkable large scale sculpture, meticulously crafted to depict a girl dancing an ethnic dance in her traditional attire while skillfully manipulating a tambourine. This stunning sculpture stands at a towering 47 cm in height, a majestic item that can effortlessly transform any living space. From enthusiast to the casual observer, the extraordinary detail in this masterpiece is sure to captivate every onlooker.

Each facial characteristic and clothing detail is reproduced with startling accuracy, demonstrating the exceptional ability of Sesago to capture the human form and ethnic textiles. The unique interpretation of a girl performing an ethnic dance represents a blend of tradition and modernity, reminiscent of Sesago's signature artistic style. This dancing girl sculpture is not just a decorative piece, but a celebration of culture and diversity, brought to life through art.

This stunning piece of art is more than just a room decor, it's a talking point. Each swirl of the fabric, each line on the girl's face is crafted so carefully it almost tells a story. Whether you are an art lover or someone seeking to add an element of sophistication to your space, this masterpiece can breathe life and contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your home or workplace. A great gift idea for those who appreciate fine art, culture and heritage, it is also an ideal collector’s item worth treasuring.