Bronze Code: 66
Height: 15.7 In
Width: 11.4 In
Weight: 7.3 LBs


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Discover the mesmerizing beauty and meticulous attention to detail in the stunning Art Deco sculpture crafted by esteemed French artist, Jean Bernard Descomps. Famous for his masterpieces during the Art Deco period, Descomps (1872 - 1948) demonstrates his phenomenal talent and eye for intricate details through this awe-inspiring sculpture.

Dominated by a captivatingly graceful dancer, the sculpture stands at an impressive 40cm height. Each minute detail is keenly portrayed, from the carefully prescribed folds of the dancer's skirt to the defined curls, chains, and adornments of her costume. Descomps' signature style of detailed artistry is manifest in the carefully modeled dancer's body - a testament to his reputation as a master of form and detail.

The engaging figure reveals a dancer with a beautiful body, long arms, and thin fingers, perched upon a slightly raised leg. Such is her allure that it may fascinate and intoxicate viewers, occasionally depriving them of reason. Rendered in stunning detail, this sculpture encapsulates the power and dynamism inherent in the art of dance itself, making it an enchanting centerpiece that will elevate your home interior.

This Art Deco masterpiece by Jean Descomps is a large-scaled figurine, perfect for enthusiasts of intricately detailed sculptures. The appearance of the dancer is so captivatingly real and mystique, that it will undeniably take the rightful, prime position in your abode, adding an artful touch to your living space.