Bronze Code: 81
Height: 10.6 In
Width: 12.2 In
Weight: 13.1 LBs


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Take a journey into the Golden Twenties with this exquisite sculpture by renowned Art Deco artist, D.H.Chiparus. As a significant representative of the Art Deco era, Chiparus presented the world with a myriad of detailed figurines that encapsulated the dynamic energy and creativity of his time. Among the most well-received works of his collection are those influenced by the ethereal performances of Diaghilev's 'Russian Seasons' in Paris, where the soloists' glamour and elegance effortlessly came to life through Chiparus's keen eye and artistic hand.

This piece, in particular, speaks volumes of Chiparus's ability to capture movement and grace, to the minutest detail. The dance pose of the sculpture encapsulates a timeless beauty and elegance, while the sculpture's size and weight - 27x31 at 6kg, speaks to its formidable presence. The meticulous rendering of facial features and clothing details attests to the highest level of craftsmanship, making this a truly remarkable piece of art.

A lover of classical beauty, Chiparus often drew inspiration from legendary figures like Cleopatra and enigmatic ancient Eastern dancers, which left an indelible mark on his works. This sculpture, like many of his others, creates a compelling narrative that goes beyond its visual appeal. It's not just a beautiful item of decor, but a testament to the profound artistic power of Chiparus, often made more mysterious by the influences from Russia that underpin his work.

A worthy addition to any home or collection, this Chiparus sculpture also makes a magnificent gift. It's a substantial and tangible acknowledgment of the Art Deco era, and the transformative power of dance. This unique Chiparus sculpture shines a spotlight on a unique time in history and the creative brilliance it produced.