Bronze Code: 92
Height: 16.5 In
Width: 6.1 In
Weight: 11.4 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the Art Deco period with the exquisite 'Dancer in a Long Dress' sculpture by renowned French sculptor, Agathon Leonard. This colorful, vividly detailed piece embodies the charisma and grace of 15 dancers, each represented in different poses and with unique objects in their hands. Conceived originally as part of a sculptural group crafted in Sevres porcelain, this piece was unveiled at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900 and was duly rewarded with the coveted gold prize. Its success led to its subsequent re-casting in bronze.

Standing at an impressive 42cm, the 'Dancer in a Long Dress' captures the distinctively beautiful, elongated dress, adorned with intricate detailing and stunning folds, that unites each dancer in the group. The bright colors infused in the sculpture lend it a spectacularly vibrant decorative effect, making it a timeless addition to any art collection.

Behind this divine work is Agathon Leonard, an acclaimed sculptor whose incredible contributions to art spanned across the Art Deco period. Born in Lille in 1841, Leonard honed his craft at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lille before taking his studies to the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. After 1868, his remarkable works became a staple feature in the Paris Salons, where he earned esteemed recognitions, including a silver award in 1889 and a gold award in 1900. In the same year, he received the distinguished title of a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. Agathon Leonard's 'Dancer in a Long Dress' echoes the grandeur and artistry that marked his illustrious career, encapsulated in a piece that remains both breathtaking and timeless.