Bronze Code: 88
Height: 16.1 In
Width: 6.7 In
Weight: 10.1 LBs


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Proudly presenting an exquisite statue, crafted by the talented Paul Philippe, a respected artist and Art Deco sculptor of the early 20th century. Born in beautiful Thorn, Poland, in 1870, Philippe won the hearts of many with his captivating neoclassical style compositions, often showcased at the renowned Paris Salons between 1899-1915. The artist’s illustrious career led to multiple prestigious awards, marking him as a key player in the world of art and sculpture.

This stunning creation, standing at a grand height of 41cm and weighing 4.6 kilograms, is a testament to Philippe's phenomenal talent and keen eye for detail. His style is notably characterized by the refined execution of detailed colorwork, adding depth and life to his sculptures. The result is a piece that stuns the observer with its intensity and emotional resonance.

Philippe held a unique approach to his craft, often selecting real-life subjects known to him, fragments of a world he admired, such as gifted cabaret dancers, theatrical artists, and the alluring ladies of the demimonde. This approach rendered an authentic and emotive quality to his works, making each piece a glimmering snapshot of a forgotten time.

This high-quality, grandly proportioned, and distinctively styled statue is an ode to Philippe's love for bringing familiar faces from his surroundings into sculptural art. Further intricacies of the piece echo back to the old-world charm of the 19th-century daily life, enshrined in a form that transcends the fleeting nature of time. A truly remarkable piece for every connoisseur or casual admirer of the Art Deco period, bringing a touch of unique historical charm to any collection or space.