Bronze Code: 78
Height: 17.7 In
Width: 13.4 In
Weight: 10.4 LBs


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Adorn your home with a piece of history and celebrate the artistic talents of Claire Jeanne Roberte Colinet, one of the most distinguished female sculptors to come out of France during the Art Deco period (1920s-1940s). Born in 1880, Colinet’s work was considered extraordinary and symbolic, elevating her to become a principal force in defining the theatrical direction in sculpture.

Like her contemporary Dmitry Chiparus, Colinet sculpted expressive figures that burst with life and energy. A common theme found amidst her collection includes dancers, masquerade characters, and various forms of theatrical elements encapsulated in fluid, stopped motion involvements. This masterpiece does especially well to exemplify Colinet’s signature style, bringing to life a graceful and sublime dancer, frozen in a moment of elegant poise and enchanting beauty.

As a testament to the meticulous finesse of Colinet’s work, every single detail of the dancer's costume is remarkably sculpted. From the natural folds and pleats in the fabric to the delicate detailing on jewelry and head accessories, every element has the astounding realism and pseudo-photographic quality. Reflective of the artist’s keen observational skills, the sculpture emanates a lifelike aura, making it seem as if her pose has been perfectly captured and preserved in an eternal moment of time.

The statue offers a substantial presence, measuring 45cm in height and weighing nearly 5kg. You'll appreciate its intricate execution, spirited emotion, and the statement-making size. Imbued with the essence of Art Deco glamour, this piece will fittingly accentuate any living space, breathing in an air of timeless elegance and sophistication. This grandeur figurine would undoubtedly add an aesthetic charm and cultural richness to your home or workspace, infusing it with beauty, grace, and art history.