Bronze Code: 119
Height: 9.4 In
Width: 3.9 In
Weight: 2.9 LBs


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This work of art is the embodiment of high-quality craftsmanship by a master European sculptor. The piece presents the portrayal of a girl, seemingly in a state of repose. Captivated by her serenity, one can feel the tranquility seep into their own being, evoking a sense of peace and comfort. It is a testament to the sculptor's expertise and attention to detail. Every feature is clearly defined, and the sculptor goes as far as capturing the girl's unhurried correction of her ballet flats - an act highly familiar to every ballerina. It is in this moment, the sculptor captures, that the girl feels truly at peace with herself.

Just as an actual ballerina thrives on harmony and exquisite movement, the figurine resonates with an inner harmony as witnessed in the composed stillness of the subject. The artist's influence stems from the poignant elegance of ballet, a timeless art form. His creation is an ode to that purity and essence, personified by the ballerina at rest.

The unnamed European sculptor has left no stone unturned to bring to life the calm and relaxed ballerina. Every detail, whether it be the serene expression on her face or the gentle adjustments of her ballet flats, lends a breath of life into the sculpture. Employing refined sculpting techniques, the artist has transformed a lifeless material into a lively spectacle that mirrors reality.

This piece is more than just a work of art. It serves as a physical testament to the sculptor's passion for his art and his dedication towards precision. It is an exceptional showcase of high-end European sculpture, bound to be the highlight of any art collection. His careful design and execution make this sculpture more than a visual treat. It embodies the peace and tranquility that many seek but seldom find, and it's a direct reflection of the subject's inner peace and contentment.