Bronze Code: 110
Height: 26.8 In
Width: 8.3 In
Weight: 15.7 LBs


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This captivating, handcrafted, large-sized European sculpture creates a compelling visual experience for lovers of expressive art and ballet alike. Standing at an impressive 68cm tall and weighing 7.1kg, each beautifully designed figurine from our European Masterpiece Sculpture Collection showcases a graceful ballerina mid-dance in a stunning green tutu ballet costume.

Our skilled sculptors have expertly captured each individual motion, freeze-framing the ballet dancer in a breathtaking pose. Mimicking the fluidity of a live ballet performance, each distinct sculpture depicts an ethereal ballerina en pointe, engaging in various dynamic positions, which are all characteristic of classical ballet techniques.

The level of detail in each sculpture is truly remarkable, with careful attention given to the intricacies of the graceful ballet costumes. Every meticulously crafted chain detail, each scrupulously prescribed fold of the tutu, the delicate curls - all highlighted in striking green patina applied by hand - create a visual feast of craftsmanship.

Irrespective of their size variations, all sculptures are defined by their exquisite detail and quality. From the girl’s flowing hair and vibrant tutu to her agile stance, these green patina ballerina sculptures are sure to evoke the energy, grace, and spirit of the dance.

This high-quality work of art represents the very pinnacle of the sculptural art series dedicated to realistic portrayals of ballerinas, and a true testament to the unique skill and vision of the European sculptors behind these awe-inspiring pieces.