Bronze Code: 109
Height: 17.7 In
Width: 9.1 In
Weight: 8.6 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of fine art with a stunning ballet-themed sculpture from the renowned artist, Milo. Each of Milo's sculptures portrays the dance of a ballerina enveloped in a green tutu ballet costume, encapsulating the spectacular moment of dance in a unique pose. These mesmerizing masterpieces, designed by the knowledgeable European sculptors of Milo, are part of an exquisite series that celebrates the elegance and poise of ballet.

Standing at a striking 45cm in height and weighing nearly 4kg, this particular sculpture is one of the larger pieces in the collection. With a dedication to the smallest details, the European sculptors who are part of the Milo community painstakingly etch each fold of the tutu, every chain, and curl into the piece. Each detail, from the elegant ballet costume to the girl's hair, is meticulously hand-covered with a vibrant green patina, giving it a distinct Milo touch.

To experience these extraordinary pieces is to step into a space where fine art and education intertwine. Milo is more than just an artist or brand—with a gallery and a school dedicated to fostering the talents of predominantly European sculptors, Milo is a nurturing hub for creativity. Many of the sculptures available for purchase are faithful recreations of models crafted by the sculptors studying at the school, offering a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Express the beauty of ballet and the sophistication of fine European sculpting by purchasing a Milo sculpture. Connect with the power of art and feel the rhythm of the ballet with each stationary pose that speaks volumes of the dynamic dance. Embrace the unique aesthetic of sculptures in green tutu ballet costumes and let the art inspire every space it graces.