Bronze Code: 160
Height: 13.4 In
Width: 8.7 In
Weight: 6.4 LBs


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Explore the breathtaking beauty of European sculpture with the magnificent tabletop statuette by renowned artist Cesaro. This masterpiece, skillfully crafted, depicts an angel in the female form, a composition that is unique and thought-provoking in its intricate details. The statuette is the epitome of Cesaro's artistic competence, as it harmoniously showcases the complex anatomy of a man with wings in movement, a symbol of a deeply emotional and spiritual journey.

The 'Angel Man,' standing at 34cm in height, is a testament to Cesaro's ability to draw the viewer into the celestial world, where grace, beauty, and charisma coexist. Individually sold, this masterpiece is medium-sized, making it a perfect adornment for your tabletop, adding an artistic flavor to your living space. It's not just a piece of art, but an experience to behold, a story to be shared.

Akin to its male counterpart, the “Angel Man” statuette, when combined, completes a grand narrative; they embody perfect union and balance, a captivating testament to Cesaro's innovative approach to sculpture. Even though sold separately, they are designed to complement each other beautifully, allowing you flexibility in your decor while still maintaining a unified theme.

Experience the fusion of traditional European design and contemporary art with Cesaro’s Angel Statuette. Delicately designed, beautifully detailed and impressively statuesque, it truly speaks volumes about the sculptor's commitment to bringing stories to life in art. Its captivating presence is bound to attract attention and admiration from anyone who casts a glance its way.