Bronze Code: 51
Height: 8.7 In
Width: 4.3 In
Weight: 3 LBs


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Behold the masterpiece of one of the preeminent masters of the Art Deco style - Juan Clara (1875-1958). This Spanish sculptor was renowned for exceptional expertise in capturing a vast range of human emotions, principally innocence and vivacity of children, which he brought to life in beautiful bronze. This special figurine embodies the immense talent, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional craftsmanship that Juan Clara is acclaimed for.

The uniqueness of this figurine lies in how it opens doors for customized ornamentation. The kitten, adorable and lively, is not attached to the rest of the larger element. The remarkable aspect of this design emulates the dynamic essence of life itself. The kitten can be displayed separately, providing you the liberty to place or attach it according to your creative whims, adding a personal touch to its display.

Clara's work is known for evoking strong emotions. Be it joy or sadness, resentment or fun; Clara was a virtuoso in capturing these complex feelings on the faces of his child subjects. This very quality shines through this exquisitely crafted figurine, making it a treasured collector's item. Own this magnificent reminder of Art Deco glory, characterized by vibrant expressions, practical design and, of course, the signature touch of Juan Clara.