Bronze Code: 246
Height: 7.9 In
Width: 7.3 In
Weight: 7.1 LBs


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The exclusive bronze collection by renowned fashion designer and sculptor, Christel Marott (1919-1992) brings to life representations of the twelve Zodiac signs, masterfully rendered in Denmark's premier porcelain factory, Royal Copenhagen. This unique line, which captures the integral personality traits of each astrological sign, showcases the balance of innocence and decadence, emblematic of Christel Marott's style. The collection, hailed as a defining point of Royal Copenhagen's line of products, is a testament to the timelessness of Danish craftsmanship and sculptural artistry. Our particular offering from this collection is the Aquarius statue – a bronze epitome of the free-spirited, creative, and justice-driven individuals of this zodiac sign.

Exuding unparalleled charm, the Aquarius statue in bronze stands as a salute to progressive thinkers and independent personalities who choose their paths in life. Imbued with what Marott identified as a light, dreamy nature, this sculpture uncovers the true essence of Aquarians. The figure is an impressive portrayal of the Aquarius woman, appearing slightly contemplative and remarkably candid in her manifestation. Embodying their notorious unpredictable character, their strong sense of justice, and their willpower, this statue is a striking addition to any collection or a dazzling centerpiece for the home.

The embodiment of Aquarius in this Royal Copenhagen collection oozes eccentric and determination. These ideal characters are strongly complemented by marett's signature style. Whether you are an Aquarius, an admirer of the sign's traits, or simply a connoisseur of fine sculpted art, this enchanting Aquarius figurine by Christel Marott for Royal Copenhagen is an exceptional tribute to the captivating power of the Zodiac.