Bronze Code: 0482
Height: 12.6 In
Width: 6.7 In
Weight: 5.6 LBs


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Edward Francis McCartan (1879 - 1947) was a famous American sculptor. Edward started sculpting instinctively at the age of five, six. At the age of ten, his talent became apparent when he sculpted a lion figure out of clay. In 1907, Edward moved to Paris to continue his studies, participated in seminars and exhibitions in Paris and Rome, and as a sculptor returned to New York in 1910. After returning home, the most active period of Edward's career begins, when he began to receive large orders for the production of garden sculptures all over America, simultaneously receiving prizes and awards for his work. In 1923, the sculptor created his most famous creation "Diana with a dog". Diana has become a calling card of McCartan and has been awarded many awards. A year later, influenced by the success of the first Diana, the sculptor creates another magnificent work - "Diana with a fawn", where the master depicts Diana in a calm environment of wild nature, next to a small fawn.