Bronze Code: 1290
Height: 12.2 In
Width: 6.7 In
Weight: 9.7 LBs


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Achieving a perfect blend of historical significance and superlative craftsmanship, this large and high-quality bronze sculpture portrays the valorous Chinese warrior, Yuchi Gong. This intricate work of art is a product of immense precision and delicate detailing by a renowned European sculptor, illustrating each element of the imperial guardian's attire and weaponry with meticulous detail and depth.

Constructed with 4.4 kilograms of pure, refined bronze, the sculptor's keen eye and unwavering attention have gone into each centimeter of this majestic masterpiece. Every nuance, from the crease in warrior's traditional robe to the inscription on his shield, is captured with utmost proficiency, bringing about a lifelike representation of this heroic figure of the east.

This fine specimen of experienced craftsmanship serves as a magnificent gift for the protector of your home. Showcase the spirit of an exceptional military leader who was remembered for his remarkable courage and swift thinking, qualities that universally symbolize a true patriarch.

Each statue bears the legacy of Yuchi Gong, a celebrated military leader of the Tang Dynasty, who later became a divine guardian of doors and gates in Chinese folk religions. His tale of valiantly driving away spirits disturbing the emperor’s slumber led him to become one of the revered gods of doors. Such figures are considered powerful talismans to foster a positive and tranquil energy within a household, often given as housewarming gifts or to sanctify a new dwelling.