Bronze Code: 1195
Height: 5.1 In
Width: 3.9 In
Weight: 1 LBs


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Crafted meticulously by a respected bronze sculptor, this exquisite Rooster with a Money Bag statuette is a quintessential symbol of wealth and prosperity according to the traditional principles of Feng Shui. The statuette is intricately designed and painstakingly crafted out of a richly-textured, antique bronze material that demonstrates the artist's flair for fine detail.

Holding a good fortune money bag in its beak, the bronze rooster statue is guaranteed to be an object of deep symbolism and meaning in your space. In Feng Shui, the Rooster represents fidelity, punctuality, and good fortune while the money bag signifies wealth and prosperity. Collectively, this statuette stands for wealth, career success, and protection against evil spirits.

The Rooster with a Money Bag bronze statuette is a versatile piece of art that perfectly blends into any interior style - be it traditional or contemporary. Placed in the right corner, it could serve as a symbol of financial freedom and success. It carries an aesthetically pleasing antique bronze finish that exudes a vintage charm while the craftsmanship underlines the statuette's fine detailing and design precision.

The product has been meticulously crafted by the artist to interpret the ancient Feng Shui symbolism with modern aesthetics. The position of the rooster, the detailing of the money bag and the elegant bronze finish all contribute to making this a masterpiece in bronze sculpting.

The statuette could also be an excellent gift item for family, friends, or colleagues at work. The symbolisms of the Rooster with a Money Bag statuette make it an ideal gift for various occasions such as inaugurations, promotions or any major milestone where good fortune and prosperity would need to be invoked.