Bronze Code: 856
Height: 27.2 In
Width: 19.3 In
Weight: 22.9 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the indulgent visual splendor of the 'Starfish Dancer', a grandeur sculpture estimated to be around 69cm in height and weighs more than 10kg, formed entirely from pure bronze. This exquisite piece of art is crafted by none other than Demetre H. Chiparus, a renowned figure in the realm of Art Deco style, an artist known for his ability to encapsulate the timeless beauty and fashion of eloquent dancers and extraordinary women of his era.

With the 'Starfish Dancer', you get a unique glimpse into the world of Chiparus. The bewitching allure of the starfish-inspired costume, intricately designed and hand-painted, embraces the perfect physique of the dancer, creating an evocative portrayal of splendor, elegance, and prowess. The author emphasizes the meticulously sculpted wardrobe that reflects the glamour and sophistication of the 20th century, just like the skin of a starfish; it enhances the ideal figure of the dancer.

Its monumental size, coupled with the vibrancy of hand-painted details, significantly contributes to its exclusivity, making it not just a sculpture but a piece of opulent history. Given its stature, it would seamlessly adorn the floor of your living room or take the center stage in your spacious foyer. 'Starfish Dancer' can be displayed as a single sculptural entity or paired with the equally glamorous 'Dancer in a hat (large, in color)'.

This extraordinary sculpture springs to life from the hands of D.H.Chiparus, who is fondly remembered for his remarkable contributions to the aesthetic sensibilities of Art Deco. With 'Starfish Dancer', his artistic prowess shines through, reminding us once again of the bounded beauty of the dancing figures and the enigmatic women of his epoch.