Bronze Code: 878
Height: 18.9 In
Width: 10 In
Weight: 12.6 LBs


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Uncover immense beauty with the Author's Series model figurines celebrating the female form, intricately crafted by the celebrated artist, Cesaro. These stunning works of art carry a charming appeal, portrayed in the form of nude female models, making them an excellent choice for interior decor enthusiasts who appreciate sophistication. Each figurine is meticulously detailed, artistically capturing every aspect of the female anatomy - from the curl of her fingers to the curve of her toes.

These figurines are heightened by Cesaro's signature style, portraying an intriguing mix of elegance and audacity. The nuanced depiction of the female gaze, which is painted with a stroke of mild audacity, reinforces the captivating allure of these pieces. Every hand-crafted piece comes in two exquisite shades, green and brown, thus offering you the ability to choose based on your individual space design or personal preference.

With a sizeable height of 48cm, these sculptures are more than just decorative elements. They are majestic pieces of furniture that will enhance any living space's aesthetic grandeur. Each piece communicates the expertise of Cesaro, who is widely respected for his attention to minute details, especially to create an image of perfection that reflects in every figure he crafts.

These pieces also make fantastic gifts for art connoisseurs or anyone with a penchant for the beautiful and unique. Undeniably sophisticated, Cesaro's sculptures are an amour propre of any individual who appreciates art, beauty, and elegance. Reveal the artist in you by bringing home these stunning pieces of interior decor masterpieces.