Bronze Code: 815
Height: 18.9 In
Width: 25.6 In
Weight: 51.8 LBs


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Dive deep into artistic romance with this imposing, meticulously crafted sculpture by renowned artist Christophe Fratin. Spanning a staggering 48cm in height and weighing 23.5kg, this striking piece named 'Hunter with a Falcon' evokes stories of a Russian hunter and his falcon in a striking show of dramatic figurative art. This attention-grabbing, high-quality sculpture captures Fratin's signature knack for encapsulating the raw, dynamic energy of the wilds and the synergy between man and nature.

The 'Hunter with a Falcon' stands as a testament to Fratin's unparalleled talent for creating lifelike representations of animals. Born in Metz in 1800, Fratin's lifelong devotion to sculpting began in childhood and was honed in the workshops of well-regarded artists like Jeanne Baptis Pioche and Theodore Gericault in Paris. Catering to Fratin's professionally trained taste, each element of the sculpture has been executed with supreme quality, making this masterpiece a desirable addition to any serious art collection.

The sculpture's debut at the Paris Salon in 1831, where it was met with rave reviews from critics and public alike, and its participation in the 1851 World's Fair in London boosted Fratin's worldwide reputation. The iconic 'Hunter with a Falcon' models became an instant hit in England and the USA, making Fratin's creations a globally recognized symbol of artistic excellence.

Mirroring a smaller model also available in our store, this large 'Hunter with a Falcon' sculpture elevates the quality and attention to detail. The popularity of Fratin’s works has promoted them to be included in many esteemed museums across Europe and America, marking their enduring appeal and timeless value.