Bronze Code: 835
Height: 19.7 In
Width: 18.1 In
Weight: 28.7 LBs


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Discover the influential work and deeper context behind the rare and imposing sculptural composition by Dutch-born French artist Nieuwerkerke Alfred Emilien O'Hara. Reflecting the Battle of Beaujeu, a historic episode from the Hundred Years' War, Nieuwerkerke's sculpture captures a pivotal moment in 1421 that symbolizes England and France's centuries-old conflict.

Standing at a significant size of 50x46cm and tipping the scales at 13kg, this sculpture is an imposing and weighty addition to any art collection. Crafted from high-quality materials, it reflects Nieuwerke's renowned attention to detail and striking realism. The piece articulates the tension between the English under Thomas Lancaster, Duke of Clarence, and the combined Franco-Scottish army, culminating in the tragic loss of the Duke of Clarence in a duel with the knight Fontaine.

Within our inventory, enthusiasts find an even larger version of this scene with a weight of 50kg, commanding an unsurprisingly higher price due to its increased size and the enhanced intricacy of its details. An instance of meticulous craftsmanship, these large-scale sculptures celebrate not only historical battles but also Nieuwerke's artistic brilliance.

Boasting a rich history, Nieuwerkerke (1811-1892) made a name for himself in the Paris Art Salon since 1842. He served as the General Director of Museums in France, a testament to his impact on the French art world. Recognized by the Legion of Honor and appointed the Minister of Arts in 1863, Nieuwerkerke ascended to become a Senator of France in 1864, highlighting the breadth of his influence beyond artistry.