Bronze Code: 842
Height: 24.4 In
Width: 11 In
Weight: 28.7 LBs


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We take enormous pride in presenting to you this exquisite cabinet sculpture, a magnificent manifestation of Guan, the god of war. This item commands attention and embodies power, with its towering height of 62cm and substantial weight - a hefty 13kg of pure bronze.

In our collection, we showcase a range of Guan statues, varying in dimensions and designs, but this piece takes superiority in the aspect of QUALITY. This exceptional sculpture, solid and weighty, is a confluence of expert craftsmanship and high-grade material that sets it apart.

The craftsmanship behind this artifact is absolutely mind-blowing. Every single centimeter exhibits deliberate detailing and meticulous precision of the master artisan. The level of granularity that has been achieved is a testament to the sculptor's immense skill and deft handling, as every tiny element has been intricately worked out. The commitment to delivering a SUPER HIGH-quality product is resoundingly evident in this spectacular piece.

Besides the impressive details, the green patina that gracefully envelops the sculpture adds an attractive visual element whiling enhancing the authenticity of the bronze. It’s not just a display figurine, it's a piece of art encapsulating a tangible representation of history and mythology.

Additionally, the quality of bronze used in this sculpture is indeed superior. The use of higher-quality bronze does not only improve the longevity of the product but also accentuates the intricate detailing.

In brief, this large and heavy bronze cabinet sculpture of Guan is the epitome of superior design, exquisite detailing, and quality material. It combines awe-inspiring aesthetics with impressive craftsmanship, making it a desirable addition for any discerning art collector.