Bronze Code: 833
Height: 19.3 In
Width: 13.4 In
Weight: 16.3 LBs


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We're excited to present to you an exquisite large sculpture (49cm high, 7.4kg) showcasing the prowess and royal elegance of King Richard I, also known popularly as Richard The Lionheart of England. This monumental piece vividly brings to life one of the most respected crusaders from the vibrant era of medieval European history.

This masterpiece doesn't simply depict a king, but creates a visceral experience, allowing spectators to step back in time, and observe the gallant details and features from an epoch bygone. Skillfully crafted, the statue echoes the aesthetic of a time where chivalry and courage were paramount.

What sets this sculpture apart from its contemporaries is its unique, original plasticity. Every surface of this sculpture radiates a rustic charm that's achieved through a deliberate, tactile rough hand modeling approach. The raw, organic texture achieved exudes a sense of natural authenticity and avoids the sometimes-sterile appearance of a perfectly smoothed finish. This Artisanal Old-World method is a truly unique feature and is very sought after among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Elevate your love for history and art, and add this remarkable figurine to your collection or gift it to a fellow medieval era aficionado. Prepare to receive a fascinating conversation piece that evaluates in value and sentiment over time and doubles as a testament to King Richard, one of history's most opulent figures.