Bronze Code: 847
Height: 23.6 In
Width: 7.9 In
Weight: 25.6 LBs


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The French artist J.L. Gerome, born Jerome Jean-Leon in 1824, is celebrated globally for his keen eye for detail and his respectful, yet vivid depiction of life both in the ancient world and the East. This versatile artist has left an indelible mark in the realm of painting as well as sculpture. His work, whether rendered in oil or in stone, showcases the rich tapestry of different cultures, their unusual landscapes, and their everyday realities, often revealing unexpected details.

Having travelled extensively to Egypt and Palestine, Gerome developed a deep understanding and appreciation of the climate, terrain, and people of these regions. This authentic knowledge he possessed is evident in the striking accuracy and realistic portrayal of oriental genres that strongly characterize his work.

A fervent participant of Paris salons, Gerome's body of work has been frequently showcased at these prestigious art events, earning him numerous awards and recognition. His reputation as a sculptor is as strong and respected as his recognition as a painter.

The featured sculpture, standing at a sizeable height of 60cm and weighing 11.6kg, is indeed a remarkable work by Gerome, worthy of standing in any refined interior. It holds a strong aesthetic value, while simultaneously serving as a beautiful tribute to Gerome's talent and artistic vision. Owning this piece not only means you have a work by a world-renowned artist but a piece of history itself, imbued with rich cultural narratives of the East and ancient civilizations.