Bronze Code: 885
Height: 25.6 In
Width: 9.1 In
Weight: 11.7 LBs


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Take a journey through the mesmerizing artistry of Cesaro, a renowned artist who brings the feminine form to life through his delicate and exquisite masterpieces. Through each piece in the collection, Cesaro mesmerizes with his attention to every intricate detail, from a woman's contours to her captivating gaze. His ability to capture the essence of a woman's beauty transforms these sculptures into timeless pieces of elegance that add flair to interior spaces.

Cesaro's sculptures are not just objects; they are visions of beauty, sensuality, and grace. Cesaro presents each of his works in two intriguing shades - verdant green and earthy brown. The hues infuse each sculpture with an enticing, unique charm, complimenting the fine intricacies that highlight the perfect beauty of the female form.

Standing at an impressive height of 65cm, these sculptures make a significant statement. Allowing you to appreciate Cesaro's craft in great detail, the grand scale of these pieces lets you genuinely experience the wonder of each anatomical feature; it's as if Cesaro has given life to every finger, toe, and facial expression depicted.

Perfect as a stylish centerpiece for your décor or as an extraordinary gift, these meticulously crafted models symbolize beauty and sophistication. Invest in this exclusive series by Cesaro, a true artist of the feminine form, whose passion for perfection is evident in each of his creations, designed to enrapture the onlooker with every glance.