Bronze Code: 846
Height: 29.9 In
Width: 23.6 In
Weight: 20.7 LBs


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We proudly present a majestic, handcrafted outdoor sculpture that renders the timeless image of the Buddha in a large, imposing 76cm size. This piece, weighing a sturdy 9.4 kilograms, is an absolute standout, designed with remarkable attention to detail and exceptional fidelity to traditional depictions of the Buddha.

Incorporating the finest quality materials, this sculpture is set upon a solid base made from noble wood, lending an air of earthy elegance to the overall aesthetic. The quality of execution is paramount to the creator, evident in every square centimeter of this magnificent work. The countless folds of the Buddha's robes are meticulously sculpted, while careful consideration is paid to the Buddha's serene facial expression and masterfully depicted hands.

The vibrant coloring enriches the artistic appearance and adds a bright, decorative effect that enhances the charisma of this sculpture. One glance is enough to comprehend its high value and premium craftsmanship. This grand sculpture is made for spacious rooms and has the ability to transform large, open spaces into areas of peaceful contemplation and spiritual ascension.

With its sumptuous detailing and size, this Buddha sculpture would make a striking centerpiece in Buddhist centers or meditation rooms, providing a stimulating focus for reflection and concentration. It also doubles as a distinctive outdoor centrepiece, exuding an aura of tranquility that can elevate any garden or porch. Experience the timeless appeal of this piece and infuse your space with a touch of spiritual calm.