Bronze Code: 01310
Height: 28.3 In
Width: 10.2 In
Weight: 30.9 LBs


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Large (72cm), interior candlesticks.Created according to the models of candlesticks produced at the beginning of the last century Special attention and diligence is directed to the candelabra itself with a complex ornament. Each horn is screwed (nothing is soldered or welded), any thing bends, in a word, a real vintage. The base of the candlestick represents one of the priestesses of the goddess Vesta, holding a heavy candelabra stem on her delicate shoulder. Natural candle fire, coupled with such candlesticks, as if guests from the past will become desirable interior items where they appreciate comfort and the art of creating a special atmosphere.Sold exclusively in pairs. The dimensions are indicated by one candlestick, weight per pair.