Bronze Code: 469
Height: 11.8 In
Width: 3.5 In
Weight: 2.9 LBs


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Immensely admire the craftsmanship and historical value of this larger than life sculpture created by renowned Soviet artist, A.A. Murzin, a master from the mid-20th century. Showcasing quintessential elements of the Soviet modeling school, this spectacular centerpiece testifies to unique taste, making it an ideal gift for stalwarts, strong-willed individuals, and particularly for men named Ivan.

Step into the world of Murzin A.A., an illustrious member of the Soviet school of modeling. Known for his dynamic interpretation and remarkable finesse, each sculpture Murzin crafted is an extraordinary piece of grandeur and longevity. The grandiose design and attention to detail make this sculpture a breathtaking addition to your collection or an extraordinary gift.

This specific model honors the inimitable professional wrestler, Ivan Poddubny, a Russian and Soviet legend. Known as Ivan Zhelezny, or Iron Ivan, he represented the archetype of the Russian hero. With an unbroken 40-year winning streak, Poddubny reigned supreme in championships, inscripting his name as the 'champion of champions'. His undaunted spirit and unmatched strength are encapsulated perfectly in this Murzin’s masterpiece, giving it further historical and cultural significance.

This sculpture makes a grand statement in any setting, the perfect conversation starter in your living room, or a splendid display in your office. Conveying a narrative of strength, perseverance, and undying valor, this on-of-a-kind piece by Murzin undoubtedly deserves a special place of pride. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, a lover of fine arts, or Russophilic, this robust sculpture is a collectible you cannot ignore.