Bronze Code: 461
Height: 5.1 In
Width: 4.1 In
Weight: 1.7 LBs


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Capture the spirit of the 20th century's most influential figures with this quality heavy-duty Sigmund Freud bust. This masterfully sculpted representation of Freud is an ideal choice for those intrigued by the world of psychology, psychoanalysis or simply appreciating great works of art. Showcasing exceptional craftsmanship, this bust exudes a profound sense of wisdom and knowledge, epitomizing Freud's remarkable contributions to the evolution of modern psychology.

The Freud bust measures fairly large, ensuring it to be a standout piece in any collection or a central figure on the office desk or home study. It carries an impressive weight, indicative of its high-quality construction and enduring nature. Its robust design and meticulous detailing are a testament to the commitment to quality and artistry. Every stroke and chisel reflects Freud's personality - his intellectual prowess, his analytical mind, and his undying curiosity.

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), an Austrian psychoanalyst, neurologist and psychiatrist, is considered the father of psychoanalysis. He majorly influenced the landscape of psychology, medicine, sociology, anthropology, literature and art in the 20th century. By owning this bust, you own a slice of that rich history and can daily appreciate a figure that has shaped the way we understand human behavior and mind.

This Freud bust would be an inspiring gift for psychology students, professors, or anyone who admires Freud's groundbreaking work. It is a classic display of academic prestige, perpetuating the legacy of one of the most influential figures of modern times. Adding this Freud bust to your collection will certainly amplify the intellectual appeal of your space, making every glance at it a reminder of Freud's transformative theories and principles.