Bronze Code: 412
Height: 7.9 In
Width: 4.3 In
Weight: 4.9 LBs


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Immerse yourself in a piece of history with this majestic and highly detailed bust of Fidel Castro. It is an impressive, large and heavy representation of the iconic Cuban revolutionary leader. With its substantial weight of 2.2kg, this masterpiece is forged from pure bronze, exuding an aura of authority and presence.

This quality bronze bust perfectly captures the distinctive features of Castro, with extraordinary skill, encapsulating his powerful personality in its detailed visage. Crafted meticulously, it upholds the true essence of realist art, making it not merely a decorative object but a piece which connects you to history and the charisma of Fidel Castro.

The bronzed heavyweight statue adds a touch of solemn beauty wherever it is displayed, be it on your desk, display cabinet, or gallery. Owning it infuses your space with an iconic Latin American persona, simultaneously making a bold statement about your regard for historical figures and events.

Moreover, as an item of premium quality, this pure bronze bust of Fidel Castro is both a high-end decor item and a valuable collectible. Its sturdy and resilient nature highlights its durability, ensuring that this artifact stands the test of time and continues to radiate its grandeur for generations.

This exquisite bronze bust of Castro has been skillfully crafted by an experienced and renowned artist – and though the figure is not explicit, the work exudes a timeless appeal and unique craftsmanship that aligns with the techniques of highly skilled artisans.