Bronze Code: 371
Height: 10.4 In
Width: 5.5 In
Weight: 2.9 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the rich authenticity of the 1868 Model by the revered artist F. Chopin. This vintage bust comes to you from the historical landscape of St. Petersburg, Russia. Beautifully crafted by the renowned foundry worker, Felix Chopin, this astounding piece of art serves not just as a decor item, but also a touchstone to Russia's intriguing history.

The back of this unique bust bears the cherished signature of 'F. CHOPIN,' and is further distinguished by a round stamp confirming the production year 'M.F. 1868' and a promise for a decade of longevity. Integrity is further highlighted on its base with an additional inscription 'Fedor I', indicating the original model used for this precise replica.

Felix Chopin, the 'bronze magician,' is a widely recognized French and Russian foundry worker and supplier to the Court of His Imperial Majesty. His work focuses largely on creating distinctive busts of Russian rulers, demonstrating an unfailing predilection for historical representation.

A critical turning point in his career was when he came across marble busts carried out by the Italian sculptor A. Penna in 1840. While Penna never visited Russia, his creations of Russian tsars and princes were a testament to the inherent charm of sculptural art. These pieces significantly influenced Chopin, triggering the conception of his own series of busts - a significant exhibition of 63 full-sized Russian ruler busts nine years later. In addition, a smaller, cabinet-suitable version of these busts became a hit at an international exhibition in Paris, 15 years hence, establishing Chopin's name as an internationally recognized creative maestro.

Chopin's busts, replete with historical significance and craftsmanship, are grand tokens of classical art and serve as captivating additions to your personal or professional space.