Bronze Code: 368
Height: 9.8 In
Width: 6.1 In
Weight: 4.4 LBs


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Presenting a remarkable artefact, a large bust of Yuri Dolgoruky, painstakingly crafted to a size of 25cm. A significant visual symbol of Russian history, this sculpture is a meticulously curated piece, guaranteed to impress with its astonishing accuracy and exceptional artistry.

Yuri Dolgoruky, also known as the 'Far-Reaching', was a historical figure of enormous importance in the establishment and expansion of Moscow. Therefore, this bust isn’t just an exquisite artefact but a physical tribute to one of the mighty rulers of ancient Russia. It brings together history, art, culture, and craftsmanship, offering a wonderful addition to any collection or décor.

The quality of this large solid bust of Yuri Dolgoruky is immediately apparent, even from photographs. Each and every detail has been elaborated with extreme precision, reflecting the serious dedication and refined skills of the artisan who crafted it. The lifelike expression, the intricate detailing, and the overall magnificent aura of the piece are a result of relentless attention to the minute aspects, ensuring the likeness of the real historical figure is impeccably captured.

Crafted using high-quality materials, the sculpture promises durability and a longevity that will allow it to continue to be a statement piece in your collection. The quality, size, and authentic representation ensure this bust of Yuri Dolgoruky stands out as a high-grade collectable or a transformative piece of decor. A worthy investment for art collectors, history enthusiasts, and lovers of unique artefacts that bring a notable aura of grandeur.

Experience the immersive and astounding blend of history, art, and craftsmanship in this large bust of Yuri Dolgoruky. It serves to not only please the aesthetic senses but to ignite a passion for history, offering a tangible connection to Russia's profound past. This is more than just a sculpture - it’s a portal to another era, a tribute to a key figure, and a testament to rich heritage that is sure to captivate for generations to come.