Bronze Code: 308
Height: 5.9 In
Width: 4.1 In
Weight: 2.6 LBs


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Embrace history and art with the 1939 model bust series by acclaimed French sculptor Jamet. Best known for his captivating works that showcase prominent figures in military history, Jamet extends his artistic prowess to the commanders of the White Army. This particular model is a tribute to the Russian military commander, Anton Ivanovich Denikin – an iconic hero of the Russo-Japanese and World War I. Each intricate detail on Denikin’s bust reflects the utter dedication and superior craftsmanship of Jamet.

Born in 1872, Anton Ivanovich Denikin was hailed for his unmatched bravery and leadership skills, which were explicitly crafty during the Russo-Japanese War and World War I. His indomitable spirit and strategic prowess made him one of the compelling leaders of the White Movement during the Civil War. This notable history is meticulously encapsulated in the precisely carved lines and discrete details of Jamet’s bust model, making it a collector's item of remarkable historical and artistic value.

Perhaps what makes this 1939 model bust series even more fascinating is the close acquaintance of Jamet and Denikin during their time in France. A personal touch is always present in this series giving it an added layer of authenticity. This personal bond and understanding combined with Jamet’s impeccable attention to detail make the model busts in this series a unique piece of art inherently valuable to art connoisseurs, history enthusiasts, and proud patriots alike.

Adorn your collection with this exemplary work of art that marries historical rememberance and intricate sculpting skill. This 1939 model of Anton Ivanovich Denikin by Jamet is more than a simple figurine - it’s a tribute to an iconic figure that carries a piece of history on its meticulously carved features. A special item that's bound to trigger meaningful conversations about history, war, peace, and the timeless value of art.