Bronze Code: 458
Height: 8.3 In
Width: 3.3 In
Weight: 2.1 LBs


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Lend a dignified touch to your office or living space with a high-quality bust of Russian statesman and diplomat, Count Pavel Ivanovich Yaguzhinsky, skillfully crafted to capture the minutest details. This noteworthy product is made with precision, showcasing expert craftsmanship in its distinct demeanor.

Exemplifying the refined and detailed workmanship, every aspect of Yaguzhinsky's likeness from his clothing, hair, facial features to the silken quality of his flowing robes, and a dignified expression are sculpted with exceptional attention to detail. We have meticulously paid homage to Yaguzhinsky’s remarkable contributions as the first prosecutor general in Russian history by crafting an undoubtedly excellent product. Proudly placed atop a solid stone base, the bust delivers a remarkable presence.

Count Pavel Ivanovich Yaguzhinsky (1683-1736) was a noteworthy figurehead closely associated with Peter the Great. Renowned and respected as an influential diplomat, he leaves an indelible impact on Russian history. This bust is a tribute to the legacy of this esteemed figure. His resounding presence in Russian History is well represented in our meticulously-crafted work.

As a gift, this high-quality bust of Yaguzhinsky on a finely made stone stand is an apt choice for the staff of a prosecutor's office, history buffs, and figures of authority. It serves as a symbol of achievement, power, and treasured Russian history. The stunning work of art also aids in adding a sophisticated touch to any décor style.

The bust is not merely an excellent quality physical rendition but also a symbol of historical significance, serving as a constant physical reminder of a valorous figure in Russian history. Immerse your surroundings with a sense of accolade and dignity with our beautifully crafted, high-quality bust of Count Pavel Ivanovich Yaguzhinsky.