Bronze Code: 301
Height: 8.7 In
Width: 5.9 In
Weight: 6.6 LBs


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Discover the inspiring portrayal of one of history's most renowned Russian generals, Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov, masterfully crafted by the illustrious artist, Gustygin. Gustygin, an esteemed artist of Russian heritage, beautifully brings to life this legendary figure, capturing the essence of Suvorov's indomitable military spirit. This art piece is not only a tribute to Suvorov, who remarkably never suffered a defeat in his illustrious military career but also a testament to Russia's rich military history and its significant contributions to world history.

Suvorov, born in 1729 and serving until his passing in 1800, profoundly shaped what is now known as Russian military art. His unbroken record of victories, strategic brilliance, and charismatic leadership left an enduring legacy, making him a revered figure in Russian and global military history. Gustygin's homage accurately embodies this iconic historical persona, making this piece an excellent addition for connoisseurs of art and history alike.

Gustygin's attention to detail in this truly remarkable figurine vividly captures the magnetism and strategic acumen for which Suvorov was universally celebrated. The subtle intricacies and craftsmanship invested into this piece also provides a fascinating insight into the artist's dedication and respect towards the subject. Gustygin's creative flair and technical prowess is on full display, showing his adept mastery in the field of artistic creation.

Perfect for historians, military enthusiasts, art collectors, and admirers of superior craftsmanship, this figurine stands as a symbol of Russia's time-honored military glory and the unparalleled artistry of Gustygin. Tread into the annals of Russian military history and appreciate the prowess of Suvorov, meticulously encapsulated in this masterful creation by Gustygin.