Bronze Code: 338
Height: 6.3 In
Width: 3.5 In
Weight: 1.1 LBs


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Discover the revived beauty of Russian history encapsulated in bronze through the Reduced Chopin Series of Russian Tsars. As a budget-friendly and slightly smaller option, these finely crafted bust sculptures transport us to the era of the noble Russian rulers, exhibiting intricate detailing and classic craftsmanship.

Designed by the 'Bronze Magician' himself, Felix Chopin, hailing from the lineage of French and Russian foundry workers, his association with the Court of His Imperial Majesty lays a sturdy trust foundation. This Reduced Chopin Series follows his acclaimed life-size collection, reflecting Chopin's undying fascination with Russian royals.

Born in 1813 and active until his last breath in 1892, Chopin's journey as an artisan commenced over the unlikeliest of art – the marble busts made by A. Penna, an Italian Sculptor who had never set foot in Russia. These busts, although only bearing a conditional resemblance to the real characters, sparked Chopin's interest in creating a comprehensive collection of the Russian rulers' busts.

Hence, ensued an endearing journey resulting in the brilliant showcase of 63 busts of Russian monarchs in 1849. Fifteen years later, the prolific artist introduced smaller, cabinet-sized versions of these busts during an international exhibition in Paris, demonstrating his smart adaptation to the artistic landscape and the transition from full-size busts to miniature alternatives.

The Reduced Chopin Series Model 1867 thus signifies a seamless blend of historical resonance and artistic excellence. It draws upon the lineage of rich Russian heritage, making it an ideal collection for historians, artists, and art enthusiasts eager to explore the depth of Russian Monarchy through the lens of an experienced foundry worker.