Bronze Code: 275
Height: 8.3 In
Width: 6.7 In
Weight: 6.2 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the depth and intensity of the fascinating history of the USSR with this meticulously crafted, heavy bronze bust of Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria. We take great pride in presenting one of the finest works of Anikin, a highly respected author renowned for his extraordinary attention to detail and authentic portrayal. Weighing a substantial 2kg, this striking piece of art denotes an epitome of superior craftsmanship and artistic excellence.

The Beria bronze bust, steeped in historical significance, poses a commanding presence that will undoubtedly transform any large office or room into an intriguing space. Its craftsmanship radiates a sense of authority and power that is sure to initiate stimulating conversations and pique interest.

Anikin's stunning detail is evident in this intricate creation. Cast in pure bronze, even the smallest components of the bust are meticulously sculpted, adding layers of intrigue and historical authenticity. It’s worth noting the sheer precision in the modeling of his features that inherently adds to the bust's visual appeal.

The monumental figure, Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria (1899-1953), was the all-powerful People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR and head of the NKVD. His heavy footprints in the history of repression and counterintelligence cannot be denied. Regardless of the diverse perspectives surrounding his actions, this bust stands as a representation of his sturdy presence in history.

Explore the compelling world of historical art with the tangible essence of a bygone era. Add to your collection the heavyweight bronze Beria bust or gift it to a history enthusiast. Embrace the chance to own or gift a piece of history, depicted with the utmost precision and skill by Anikin.