Bronze Code: 277
Height: 5.1 In
Width: 4.1 In
Weight: 1.8 LBs


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Discover an impressive relic of history with this medium-sized bust of Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria, People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR and former head of the NKVD. Marrying artistic charm with historical significance, this excellent-quality bust makes a distinctive statement in any collection. Whether you're a devotee of Soviet history or a lover of unique figurines, this heavy, heirloom-quality relic will certainly strike conversation.

Unveil the considerable and complex character that Beria was. Born in 1899 and operative until 1953, Beria's influence on his country was potent. He was an individual who lived an eventful life, sculpting history with his actions. One of the all-powerful figures in USSR history, Beria was a key figure in the discourse of political leadership, eliciting contrasting opinions even today. Many view him as the primary architect of repression, while others contend that he was a scapegoat for the political regime's missteps.

Despite the debate surrounding his political role, there's consensus about his professional prowess as a counterintelligence agent. Honoring his professional merits, this elegantly crafted bust of Beria serves as a remarkable reminder of an individual who undoubtedly left his imprint on history, irrespective of the perspectives we may hold.

The finely detailed bust carries an air of intense realism, bringing to life the expressiveness and intensity of this historical figure. Don't miss the chance to own this exceptional piece of Soviet history, encapsulating the causalities that shaped an era and a man, who for better or worse, played a central role in it.