Bronze Code: 361
Height: 9.4 In
Width: 5.9 In
Weight: 3.8 LBs


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Revel in a piece of remarkable history with this exceptional bronze sculpture by the famed French and Russian caster, Felix Chopin. Hailing from 1867 and marked with the distinguished F. Chopin signature on the back, this exquisite artifact is a testament to the historical significance and master craftsmanship of this legendary artisan.

The maker - Felix Chopin, known as the 'Bronze Magician', flourished as a supplier to the Court of His Imperial Majesty during the 19th century. This Russian artifact bears Chopin's unique blend of French and Russian influences, synergized in a manner that only he could master. His catering to the Russian aristocracy gives this piece an aristocratic allure that transcends time and cultural barriers.

Marked 'Anna' on the base and certified with a round stamp, 'DEPARTURE OF M.F. 1867 FOR 10 YEARS,' this piece offers more than its aesthetic grandeur. It personifies the rich history of St.Petersburg, the famous city where it was crafted at factory F. Chopin.

Chopin's works, especially his representation of Russian rulers, are incredibly significant. This fascination started in 1840 when he discovered marble busts executed by the Italian sculptor, A. Penna. Inspired by these, he embarked on a journey to create a series of busts, culminating in an impressive display of 63 full-sized busts of Russian rulers at an exhibition nine years later. His innovation didn't stop there - fifteen years on, he ingeniously transitioned from large busts to smaller copies, bringing royal likenesses into the realm of cabinet sculpture, thus increasing their demand substantially.

In its essence, this unique St. Petersburg Art piece, shaped by the magnificent 'Bronze Magician' himself remains an outstanding display of his craftsmanship, artistic legacy, and roots deeply embedded in Russian history.