Bronze Code: 478
Height: 4.3 In
Width: 2.4 In
Weight: 0.6 LBs


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Crafted with great precision and detail, the Bust of Alexander III is a part of a highly exclusive series of miniatures representing the prestigious lineage of Russian tsars and princes. Each elegant bust in this extraordinary series encapsulates the charm and poise of the revered leaders, providing you with a unique opportunity to own a piece of Russian history.

Cast in the heart of Russia, using traditional methods to guarantee premium quality, each bust is a testament to the excellence of Russian craftsmanship. The Bust of Alexander III, a noteworthy Tsar known for his conservative reign, is no exception. It's a striking piece that flawily reflects Alexander III's strong features and commanding presence.

No corners have been cut in ensuring the quality of these ornamental pieces. They are made in the same, cohesive style giving them a symmetric, collective allure when presented as a set. Furthermore, these small yet intricately detailed busts are perfect for display, catching eyes and sparking conversations, wherever they are placed.

Though the author of this exquisite series remains anonymous, he follows a rich tradition of artisans who painstakingly captured Russia's history through their work. The detailed lines and intricate design elements resonate with the artistic flair of the creator, making each bust a treasure to behold.

To sum it up, if you are a history enthusiast, a miniatures collector, or someone who admires fine craftsmanship, the Bust of Alexander III along with the complete array of Russian Tsars and Princes series is a must-have. These good quality, small-sized, and uniformly styled busts not only bring a unique touch to your surroundings, but they also celebrate the rich historical narrative that they depict.