Bronze Code: 347
Height: 11.8 In
Width: 10.6 In
Weight: 12.6 LBs


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Experience the history of St. Petersburg through the stunning replica of the renowned monument of Emperor Alexander III. This piece, intricately sculpted by celebrated author and sculptor P. Trubetskoy, encapsulates not just the likeness but also the spirit of Emperor Alexander III. Crafted from bronze with uncompromising attention to detail, this is an impressive reproduction that measures 30x27 cm and weighs a substantial 5.7 kg.

Paolo Trubetskoy, a widely acclaimed sculptor, spent eight long years creating the original life-size monument. This unique interpretation brings the richness of Russian culture right into your home or office. Each piece is a testament to Trubetskoy's exceptional craftsmanship, recreating intricate detailing and capturing the distinctive aesthetics that has attracted crowds in St. Petersburg since its public unveiling in 1909 at Znamenskaya Square.

The original monument to Alexander III is currently housed in the private courtyard of the exemplary Marble Palace. Now, you have the opportunity to own a part of this historical masterpiece. This reduced reproduction reflects the unique synthesis of history, art, and culture, making it a must-have for collectors and history enthusiasts alike. The blend of authenticity and exceptional workmanship makes this bronze reproduction monument an impressive focal point in any setting.

An item that connects you with the historical past, it's not merely a figurine, but a tangible fragment of history, encapsulating years of tireless work and a pivotal moment in the evolution of Russian art. Invest in this monumental bronze reproduction of Emperor Alexander III by P. Trubetskoy and bring a touch of the grandeur and spirit of historical St. Petersburg into your personal space.