Bronze Code: 348
Height: 6.3 In
Width: 3.5 In
Weight: 1.1 LBs


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We are proud to introduce an affordable, scaled-down version from the eminent series of Russian tsar busts, a masterful creation by the renowned artist, Felix Chopin. Known as the 'Bronze Magician', Felix Chopin (1813-1892) was a prodigious French-Russian caster and was a privileged supplier to the Imperial Court of His Majesty. His legacy is marked by artistic brilliance and intricate detailing, with the busts of Russian rulers holding particular prominence in his formidable portfolio.

Chopin's journey into producing illustrious busts began in 1840 when he stumbled upon marble busts crafted by the Italian sculptor, A. Penna. However, Penna had never personally visited Russia; thus, his representations of Russian tsars and princes were mostly based on speculations than actual resemblances. Despite their lack of exactitude, these busts intrigued Chopin who was inspired to create a series of busts that encapsulated the essence of Russian royalty.

Nine years later, at an art exhibition, Chopin captivated the audience with his detailed presentation of 63 full-sized busts of Russian rulers. He had managed to skillfully incarnate their lives and times in his magnificent sculptures. In 1864, Chopin took a strategic decision that proved beneficial. He created smaller versions of these royal busts, a move that positioned them as cabinet sculptures, enhancing their appeal and market demand.

Now, we bring you a less intimidating, more budget-friendly version of these masterpieces. These smaller busts radiate Chopin’s artistic genius just as the larger ones, delivering the same perception of regality and power as the original but on a reduced, accessible scale. Add a touch of imperial grandeur to your cabinet with these exquisite pieces that embody not just artistry but a fascinating piece of Russian history as well.