Bronze Code: 357
Height: 8.9 In
Width: 6.1 In
Weight: 3 LBs


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Travel back in time with this mesmerizing artifact, a testament to the distinguished craftsmanship of Felix Chopin. With its origin tracing to St. Petersburg, Russia, and dated back to 1867, this unique item is a signature work of the renowned French and Russian foundry worker, often glorified as the ‘Bronze Magician’.

Felix Chopin, remarkable for his work in the court of the Imperial Majesty, is acclaimed for his extraordinary series of busts of Russian rulers. This unique model, meticulously carved and bears a round stamp that reads 'Departure of M.F. 1867 for 10 years', holds a distinct spot in his collection. This piece is one amongst the 63 full-sized busts he displayed at an exhibition, nine years after taking inspiration from the works of the Italian Sculptor A. Penna. The round stamp 'Departure of M.F. 1867 for 10 years' add authenticity to the piece.

The prevailing charm is enriched with the unique feature of the inscription 'Alexander I' on the base, an attribution to the regality of the Russian empire. Despite the limited resemblance of Penna’s busts to the real historical characters, Chopin was attracted to the underlying concept and decided to recreate it.

The smaller versions he later presented in an exhibition in Paris were considered a groundbreaking move, as they fit into the domain of cabinet sculpture, making them more accessible and widely demanded. This classic, compact piece is a miniature form of those larger busts and epitomizes Chopin’s transition from the monumental replicas to smaller versions, marking a revolutionizing phase in his career. This bust, a smaller model of the grand originals, accentuates the grace of any surrounding with its royal allure.