Bronze Code: 276
Height: 6.3 In
Width: 4.9 In
Weight: 2.4 LBs


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Proudly presenting the 'Cast and Lazy' 1949 model by Lenizo, a prominent art association comprised of talented artists in Leningrad that thrived between 1929 and 1954. This exquisite artwork displays unparalleled expertise of molding and craftsmanship. It is a perfectly constructed bust of Viktor Semenovich Abakumov, an eminent figure who serves as a touchstone in history and was close to the heart of many.

The outstanding quality of this iconic bust is derived from bronze of the highest grade, assisting it to stand the test of time gracefully. The intricate details of Abakumov's facial characteristics have been captured with meticulous precision, rendering an authentic depiction that appeals to aficionados and discerning collectors alike. The overall presentation gives the bust an impressive and expensive physical appearance.

As a tribute to Abakumov (1908 – 1954), the prestigious Minister of State Security of the USSR (MGB), and the head of the principal directorate of counterintelligence 'SMERSH', this bronze figurine encapsulates his eminence. Abakumov's role in orchestrating the successful maneuvers of the Smersh GUKR can’t be overlooked, under his leadership, the organization outperformed NKGB. These achievements were acknowledged by Army General P.I. Ivashutin in his memoirs, attesting the pivotal role Abakumov played during wartime.

This figurine is not just a masterpiece of art, but also a historical emblem celebrating the legacy of a phenomenal leader. It’s a valuable asset for any collector or historian seeking a tangible connection to the rich history of the USSR.